Chickpea Patties (Kala Chana Tikki)
Chickpea Patties (Kala Chana Tikki) is a ideal snack when dieting as this is not deep fried and is made of black chickpea which is high in protein and fiber  Snacks that are not fried and is made of ingredients high in nutrition and low in calories and tastes yum will be any weight watchers delight.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Soak chickpea 7 to 8 hours. Pressure cook them. Keep aside
  2. Chop the ginger, green chillies.
  3. In a mixer jar, put the completely drained chickpea, chopped ginger and green chillies and grind into a slightly coarser paste.
  4. Remove this into a bowl, add cumin powder, garam masala, salt, lemon juice, coriander leaves and mix well.
  5. If there is a need to use bread, soak the bread in water, squeeze out the water, crumble the bread and add to the tikki/patti mix.
  6. Heat a grill pan with very little oil smeared all over.
  7. Take small portions and shape into flat patties and place them on the grill pan.
  8. With the help of spatula, turn over the patties, pour few drops of oil, and cook the other side too.
  9. Once both the sides have browned evenly to the desired color, remove on to a serving dish.
  10. Serve hot with green coriander chutney or red tomato chutney.
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